Aluminium Tower Scaffold 6.2m

  • 6.2m Integral ladder system
  • Frame horizontals have 500mm spacing and ribbed tubing for increased grip
  • AGR and 3T (through the trap) build method
  • Frame widths of 850mm & 1450mm
  • Deck length: 1.8m
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level up to a maximum of 950kg per tower (including self weight)
  • Patented double action trigger operated locking claws
  • Floating spigots for easy assembly & dismantling
  • Self cleaning adjustable legs
  • Deck board edge protection and easy to use toeboard system
  • Tower must be tied in 8m and above
  • Outriggers and adjustable casters supplied with each tower

£75 Per Day

£75 Per Weekend

£75 Per Week

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